Find the compulsory and advisable diagnostics Dordogne

The energy performance realized by AQUEDIM is an inspection which allows to identify the projected consumptions of energy for an accomodation.

It is also advising the sellers, the owners and the buyers about the priority works to realize for energy savings while improving the comfort of the housing.
We recommend individually to isolate walls (from the inside or the outside), ceilings, floors, organized by a CMV, to change windows, to replace the existing heating system…

In case of sale of the property, this diagnostic is compulsory for all the buildings built before 07/01/1997.
AQUEDIM will then know how to give you recommendations in case of presence of asbestos.

The asbestos survey is also mandatory in the case of works or demolition for all the buildings built before 07/01/1997 and for the IGH (High-rise buildings) or ERP (public access building).

The CREP (Report of Lead Exposure Risk), consists in measuring the lead concentration of all the covers of the concerned property to :

  • Identify those containing some lead, degraded or not;
  • Describe their state of preservation;
  • Spot, if necessary, the factors of degradation, allowing to identify the insalubrity situations.

The objective of this survey is to protect the buyer of a real property from the damages caused by termites and other xylophagous insects.

This control is compulsory in case of sale of any building in a zone declared to risk by order of the prefect.

It is mandatory in AQUEDIM‘s intervention zone .

Validity : 6 months

This survey aims to estimate the risks which can carry breach of personal safety.

This control is realized in case of sale of all or part of a residential building, according to the Standard XP C16-600 AFNOR. There is an exception for installations made less than 15 years ago and in the presence of an electrical inspection done less than 3 years ago.

The skills of our technical operator : AQUEDIM presents the guarantees of independence, skills, organization and means to realize all diagnostics Dordogne.

The objective of the survey concerning gas is to verify the installations and spot possible defects or negligences that can harm people, in particular from carbon monoxide poisonings (CO), the main cause of accidental poisoning in domestic environment.

This control is mandatory in case of sale of all or part of a residential building containing an internal installation of natural gas or propane realized more than 15 years ago.

Validity : 3 years

The measurement inspection (Carrez law) aims to notify the buyer the exact surface of the property he wishes to acquire.
The seller has to guarantee to the buyer a precise surface ( 5 % error max allowed).

Obligations of the owners’ buildings in co-ownership: this law applies to all the housing in co-ownership of a surface at least equal to 8 sq.m (apartments, commercial or professional premises, maid room and some houses or detached houses in horizontal co-ownership).

Cellars, garages and parking lots are excluded from the measurement.

Obligations for the sale and the lease regarding diagnostics Dordogne

CertificatesAimed BuildingsValidity
Energy DiagnosisAll10 years
LeadBuildings built before January 1st 19796 years if positive, otherwise unlimited
AsbestosBuildings built before January 1st 1979 Unlimited
TermitesAll6 months
ElectricityHouses built more than 15 years ago3 years
GazHouses built more than 15 years ago with gas installation3 years
ERPAll6 months
Loi CarrezCo-ownershipUnlimited if there are no changes in the area of a private unit
CertificatesAimed buildingsValidity
Energy diagnosisAll10 years
LeadBuildings built before January 1st 19796 years if positive, otherwise unlimited
ERPAll6 months

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